Stalin's Agent

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November 2014



This is the true story behind 'General Alexander Orlov', the man who never was, now revealed in full for the first time: Stalinist henchman, Soviet spy, celebrated 'defector' to the West, and central character in the greatest KGB deception ever.


Foreword by Paul Preston;
Preface by Tennent H. Bagley;
PART I : Feldbin aka Nikolsky aka Nikolaev aka Goldin aka Orlov aka Koornick aka Berg;
1 Bobruisk - Moscow;
2 Paris: August 1926 - December 1927;
3 Berlin: January 1928 - April 1931;
Interlude One: First American Adventure: September - November 1932;
4 Vienna: April - July 1933;
5 Geneva-Paris, Operation EXPRESS: July 1933 - May 1934;
6 Enterprise 'O';
7 Vienna-Copenhagen-London: 19 June - 25 July 1934;
Interlude Two: London: September - December 1934;
8 London: January - March 1935;
9 Copenhagen: Early 1935;
10 Mr. Resident: June - September 1935;
11 Home, Sweet Home: October 1935 - September 1936;
PART II: In Spain;
12 The Backdrop: Spilling the Spanish Beans;
13 Moscow-Madrid-Valencia: August 1936 - January 1937;
14 The Internationals;
15 JUZIK will be called ARTUR;
16 NKVD and their 'Neighbours';
17 The Secret History of Orlov's Crimes;
18 The POUM Affair: Operation NIKOLAI;
19 Murder in Lausanne;
20 Nineteen Thirty Eight and Beyond;
PART III: The Orlov Legacy;
Interlude Three: A Letter;
21 Trotsky and Tito;
22 True Lies;
23 The Affair Called 'Agent Mark';
24 Secrets of PF 605.075;
25 KGB in the Law Quad;
26 In and Out of the DST;
27 Comrade Walter;
28 Conclusion: Behind Closed Curtains;
I Dr Arnold Deutsch;
II Soviet Agents, Suspected Agents, Collaborators and Sympathisers;
III Documents;
Archives and Bibliography;


Boris Volodarsky was born in Russia in 1955. After receiving his university diploma, he was drafted into the Soviet army as a GRU Spetsnaz officer (military intelligence, special operations) and later trained as an undercover intelligence operator, at a time in the 1980s when Soviet intelligence services were on alert to watch for US preparations for a surprise nuclear attack against the USSR. He left the Soviet Union with the onset of glasnost and perestroika and now works as a consultant for international private risk analysis and risk management companies. A member of the World Association of International Studies (WAIS) at Stanford University, Dr Volodarsky's articles and interviews are regularly published in the international media and he is the author of a number of other works on Soviet intelligence history, including most recently The KGB's Poison Factory: From Lenin to Litvinenko (2009).
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