Water systems flotation treatment

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For the first time flotation treatment is considered for various uses. For all of them a common multistage flotation model is applied. Most part of the book describes flotation water treatment. Special accent is made on materials and methods for waste water treatment, especially for hydrophobic pollutants, such as oils, fats, etc. Much attention is paid to the contemporary aspects of flotation process intensification, also by usage of filter elements in flotation chambers. Process of fine-dispersed particles caprture by coalescense of the micro aggregates are described. A thourough information is given on CHP's ash flotation treatment, which is produced in large amounts and may be used for civil engineering. Various ways of water treatment are described, while more attention is paid to the flotation. However, complex approach is also given that includes usage of flotation together with biological treatment. Ways of further flotation improvement are pointed out. The book is intended for enginners, researchers, and students of environment science.


Ksenofontov Boris, born in 1945 in Moscow. Professor of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia). Worked on chair of water technics of technical university of Tampere (Finland). Developed flotation theory as a multistage kinetic process to design highly efficient flotation plants that are widely used now in many industries in Russia.
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