Preserve Your Love for Science: Life of William a Hammond, American Neurologist

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A life of one of the most successful American physicians of the nineteenth century.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction; 2. 'I can make any post interesting'; 3. 'The first original physiologist in the United States'; 4. 'The best friend the soldier has'; 5. 'Foggy with embarrassments'; 6. 'A New York medical man'; 7. 'A laborious and skilful observer'; 8. 'So great her science'; 9. 'Systems of cures and wonderful remedies'; 10. 'A positive mental science'; 11. 'All men are insane'; 12. 'I said that I would be back'; 13. 'Very near being a great man'; Notes; Note on sources; Bibliography of William Alexander Hammond, M. D.; Index.


"...a zesty biography..." Choice "This excellent book clearly portrays a complex and dynamic person whose multifaceted career illustrates medical practice in 19th-century America." Frank R. Freemon, JAMA "...a meticulous and excellent account of Hammond's life and has well documented the many societal forces, in addition to Hammond's efforts, that contributed to the development of neurology...a fine resource and will be of great interest to neurologists and historians concerned with the evolution of the practice of neurology." Richard Satran, Journal of the History of Medicine "...the passionate pursuit of science as an intellectual activity and the entrepreneurial deployment of science as a competitive tool in the marketplace have remained to a striking extent the subjects of separate narratives. Bonnie Blustein deftly shows in this biography of William Hammond (1828-1900) the complex ways these two historical stories might be important book for understanding the shifting place of science in late nineteenth-century medicine." John Harley Warner, ISIS "...a meticulously documented and highly readable biography that stands as the definitive study." Pascal James Imperato, New York State Journal of Medicine
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