Covering the Environment: How Journalists Work the Green Beat

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Serves as a primer for journalists reporting on environmental issues across various types of media. This resource explains the primary issues in writing on the environment, identifies who to go to and where to find sources, and offers examples on writing and reporting the beat. It also provides background to help them identify their audiences.


Table of Contents Preface Part 1 - Introducing the Beat Chapter 1 - Covering the Environment Chapter 2 - History of Environmental Communications Part 2 - Reporting the Beat Chapter 3 - Understanding Risk Chapter 4 - Understanding Science Chapter 5 - Interviewing Scientists Chapter 6 - The Regulators Chapter 7 - The Advocates Chapter 8 - Reporting Tools Part 3 - Writing the Beat Chapter 9 - Short News Stories Chapter 10 - Longer News Stories Chapter 11 - Side Beats Chapter 12 - Opinion Chapter 13 - Online Journalism Chapter 14 - Broadcast Journalism Part 4 - Understanding the Beat Chapter 15 - Fairness and Advocacy Chapter 16 - The Future of Environmental Journalism Permissions Glossary References Index


Author Bob Wyss has worked as a journalist for over 35 years, and has covered environmental and energy issues for a variety of publications, including the Providence Journal, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, and E Magazine. He has taught environmental journalism at Michigan State University and the University of Connecticut.


"In this first textbook on environmental journalism, Bob Wyss does a wonderful job of providing a history of the field, an examination of the coverage of risk and science and useful tips on the major players. He brings in so many of the field's top writers, the book has the feel of a seminar at a conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists. Covering the Environment: How Journalists Work the Green Beat is clear and accessible for students, yet deep enough to give a good grounding to professionals seeking to move to the environment beat. Bob's case studies are memorable and instructive because they are such well crafted narratives. Anyone who cares about the environment will enjoy reading this book." Peter B. Lord, Providence Journal "This is the essential backgrounder for news writing about THE story of the century. Covering the Environment is as valuable in the newsroom as it is in the classroom. It is an extraordinary contribution from an insightful writer." Bill Kovarik, Ph.D., Professor of Communication, Radford University "Covering the Environment "fills a critical gap in journalism education and training. Bob Wyss has produced a clear and comprehensive overview of environmental reporting, with ample real-world examples to illustrate the techniques needed to report and write complex but compelling stories. This text ought provides an essential primer for newcomers to the field and veterans alike." Tim Wheeler, Reporter, "The Baltimore Sun "
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