Growing People: Learning and Developing from Day to Day Experience

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Growing People offers managers and human resources professionals both a strategic approach and a practical guide to developing people. It explores how a manager can build the capability of individuals, teams and organisations by providing people with challenging experiences and helping them to learn from these experiences.


Learning from experience; A coaching approach; Giving, generating and gathering feedback; Mentoring; Developing teams and organisations; Creating relationships; Conversations that make a difference; Talent management.


Bob Thomson is the Management Development Adviser at the University of Warwick. He is responsible for developing the leadership capability of academic and administrative staff, coaching individuals and teams, and helping departments to improve their effectiveness as an organisation. He was previously Leadership Development Manager for a major UK company where he was responsible for building leadership capability at all levels and shifting the culture to a more open, informal and coaching style of leadership. Bob has qualifications in management learning, coaching and counselling.


"Regardless of whether you are the manager or the managed, new to mentoring and staff development, or already reading it, Bob Thompson offers a thought provoking book."
-Scottish Health Information Network
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