The Impact of 9/11 and the New Legal Landscape: The Day That Changed Everything?

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September 2009



The Impact of 9/11 and the New Legal Landscape is the third volume of the six-volume series The Day that Changed Everything? edited by Matthew J. Morgan. The series brings together from a broad spectrum of disciplines the leading thinkers of our time to reflect on one of the most significant events of our time.


Acknowledgments About the Contributors Foreword; B.Graham Introduction; M.J.Morgan The Preventative State: Uncharted Waters after 9/11; A.M.Dershowitz SECTION
I: THE IMPACT ON AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES The Logic of Suspending Civil Liberties; D.Williams The Use of 'Speech Zones' to Control Public Discourse in 21st Century America; P.Haridakis  & A.Ferris Challenges to Academic Freedom since 9/11; P.N.Kirstein The Right to Bear Arms and Gun Control after 9/11; D.B.Kopel , P.Gallant and J.Eisen National Security Letters and Diminishing Privacy Rights; C.P.Banks National Security Entry and Exit Registration; M.M.Khan and K.M.Williams Civil Litigation against Terrorists and Terrorist States; J.C.Blakeman SECTION
II: LEGAL CHANGES TO STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS How 9/11 Changed the Investigation and Prosecution of Terrorism; C.Shields , K.Damphousse , and B.Smith The Commander-in-Chief after 9/11; A.Z.Huq Intelligent Oversight; A.J.O'Connell The Failure of Institutionalized Accountability in Matters of National Security since 9-11; W.G.Weaver  & R.Flores Regulating the Push and Pull of Migration in the Post 9-11 Era on the Southern Border; B.McCune  & D.Soden SECTION
III: INTERNATIONAL LAW IN NEW TIMES Fighting Terrorism: The Role of Military Ethics, Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Theory and Practice; J.K.Lekea Guantanamo: A New Institution in International Law; W.Dixon  & G.Gutierrez Interrogation: Diminishing Legal Standards after 9/11; T.McKelvey The Bush Doctrine and the Legal Use of Force; L.Piggott 9/11 and the Need to Rethink Collective Security Law: What Can Islamic Law Contribute; M.Baderin


MATTHEW MORGAN is Assistant Professor of Politics at Bentley College, USA.


"An excellent collection of new perspectives for understanding and undertaking measures to apply the lessons from that terrible tragedy."--John F. Lehman, Chairman, J.F. Lehman & Company, Member, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9-11 Commission) "The legal landscape of the post-9/11 world, both in U.S. domestic law and international law, is a work in progress, and in many ways a moving target. The challenge in upholding fundamental values of liberty and the rule of law in the face of determined terrorists is certainly daunting. This volume brings these issues to life, and illuminates the importance of the stakes involved. This thoughtful set of essays can only serve to help us better address these daunting challenges more effectively."--Stuart Gottlieb, Director of Policy Studies, Yale University MacMillan Center, and Editor of "Debating Terrorism & Counterterrorism"
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