What If: Mind-Boggling Science Questions for Kids

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April 1998



Questions and answers explore the earth, weather and climate, forces and energy, plants and animals, and other scientific subjects.


Big, Blue, Spinning Ball: The Earth. It's Raining Frogs: Weather and Climate. What's the Matter with Matter?: Forces and Energy. Are You Seeing Things?: Light and Sound. Into the Wormhole: Time. Candle Clocks and Supercomputers: Inventions. Smart Pigs and Pet Dinosaurs: Plants and Animals. The Amazing, Changing Me: People and Animals. The Superstar and the Big Cheese: The Sun and the Moon. Nonstop Flight to Neptune: Visiting Other Planets. Beam Me Up: The Stars and Beyond. Glossary. Index.


ROBERT EHRLICH is a physics professor at George Mason University. He is the author of The Cosmological Milkshake, What If You Could Unscramble an Egg?, and Why Toast Lands Jelly Side Down.
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