History of the Junior World Series

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November 2003



This resource presents a year-by-year account of the longest-running post-season series in minor league history. Each series from the early informal efforts between 1904 and 1919 through the 1920 and 1962 period when the JWS was the culmination of the minor league season to the last thirty years of stops-and-starts is presented.


Bob Bailey is a life-long baseball enthusiast and has written extensively for The Baseball Research Journal.


Often times published works billed as 'histories of' can be more aptly described as summaries of certain events or aspects of movements, or institutions. Bob Bailey's History of the Junior World Series in contrast, is truly a history of the minor league baseball series contested fifty-eight times between 1904 and 2000. In fact, Bailey's volume is extensive enough to perhaps include a 'complete' before the existing title. Histories of sporting events over time, particularly baseball, tend to either focus on statistical analyses, or human interest stories related to the characters involved. Bailey presents a wonderful combination of both genres in the 26th edition of the American Sports History Series...Bob Bailey's History of the Junior World Series is an extensively researched and ultimately entertaining look into the longest running minor league baseball series every played. This volume of American Sports History Series appeals to baseball enthusiasts whether they are interested in the characters who played the games, the statistics, or the stories behind the statistics. Journal of Sport History
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