Exclusion from School: Multi-Professional Approaches to Policy and Practice

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Juli 1996



The number of pupils excluded from school has risen sharply over the past few years. To a great extent, this can be directly attributed to the increased competition between schools, following the introduction of the 1988 Education Reform Act. Many schools are concerned that children with behavioural problems will damage the image of the school and so can be reluctant to admit these pupils to the classroom. However, little has been done to follow up what happens to these pupils once they have been excluded from school, or to examine ways in which their exclusion might be prevented. This collection, written from a range of professional perspectives, examines current trends in exclusion, including the consequences of exclusion. It also gives practical guidance on preventative strategies, based on real life experiences and examines how professionals such as teachers, social workers and other support agencies can work together to help to avoid exclusion.


Part I. Trends and Theoretical Overview 1. Exlusions - Trends and Issues 2. Stories of Exclusion: Natural and Unnatural Selection 3. The Signal of Failure: School Exclusions and the Market System of Education 4. Government Policy and Disadvantaged Children 5. Black Boys Excluded from School: Race or Masculinity Issues? 6. No Home, No School, No Future: Exclusions and Children Who Are 'Looked After' 7. Professionals, Children and Power Part II. Consequences of Exclusions 8. The Cost of Primary School Exclusions 9. The Effects of Waiting on Excluded Children 10. Who Excludes Whom? The Personal Experience of Exclusion 11. Tales from the Exclusion Zone: The Views of Teachers and Pupils 12. Damaged Goods? An Interpretation of Excluded Pupil's Perceptions of Schooling Part III. Preventative Strategies and Policies 13. The Staff Sharing Scheme: A School-Based Management System for Working with Challenging Child Behaviour 14. Resisting the Trend to Exclude 15. Primary School Exclusions: The Need for Integrated Solutions 16. Exclusion from School: The Role of Outside Agencies 17. Cities in Schools: A New Approach for Excluded Children and Young People References. Index.
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