How to Write and Illustrate Scientific Papers

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A broadened second edition of this informative guide that helps first-time and experienced writers present their results effectively.


1. Basic rules of writing; 2. Comments on scientific language; 3. Drafting the manuscript; 4. Choosing a journal; 5. Preparing a graph; 6. Drawings; 7. Figure legends; 8. How to design tables; 9. Title; 10. Authors; 11. Abstract; 12. Introduction; 13. Methods; 14. Results; 15. Discussion; 16. Acknowledgements; 17. References; 18. PhD and other doctoral theses; 19. Letters and case reports; 20. Numbers; 21. Abbreviations; 22. How to present statistical results; 23. Typing; 24. Dealing with editors and referees; 25. Correcting proofs; 26. Authors' responsibilities.


Bjorn Gustavii has been teaching courses in scientific writing for doctoral (Ph.D.) students in medicine for twenty-five years. He brings his personal experience to this book, both from writing more than a hundred of his own research papers and from his work as a journal editor.


'This book ranks with the best in the field. It is brief, to the point and easy to follow ... useful to the author and editor ... and so recommended.' Research Communications in Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology '... short and straightforward ... complete and user-friendly ... for those to make their first public steps in science, Gustavii's book is certainly very useful.' Annals of Human Biology '... enjoyable and well written ... an ideal reference book to have at hand when writing and organizing many types of scientific literature.' The British Society for Cell Biology 'This compact and very easy to read book contains valuable advice on how to take a manuscript from planning right through to publication. The chapters cover everything from writing in scientific language, through preparation of figures and the sections of a manuscript, to advice on the final stage of responding to reviewers' comments.' Ian Stansfield, University of Aberdeen '... a very welcome learning resource... clear and concise...well structured, easy to read and well illustrated. The 2nd incorporates guidance for writing doctoral theses and case reports. ... Overall a highly useful resource indeed and would highly recommend it.' The Biologist '... an excellent textbook, a very suitable reference ... enjoyable reading!' Zentralblatt fur Geologie und Palaeontologie 'Every aspiring writer should read and follow the advice in How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper. Even accomplished scientific authors will add to their proficiency by going through this enjoyable volume. It is an added advantage that Bjorn Gustavii's mother tongue is Swedish, not English. He recounts his own difficulties in writing his first manuscripts in English and puts down simple rules to avoid pitfalls.' Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
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