Management Accounting & Controlling

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For as long I can remember, I have always been excited by Asian countries, societies and cultures. Most interesting for me is the fact that Asia is changing so fast and yet, at the same time, never changed at all. It is the Asian mixture of timeless culture, tradition and history on one side, and the immense economical, technological and societal development on the other.
These countries have developed in such a short period of time. And an end of this development is far from being in sight! The most recognizable and eye catching step forward most of these Asian countries have undertaken was economically. Japan took the lead and showed the way, then came the "Tigers" and now it is China`s turn. In each case, the industrialization came late, but when it came, it was incredibly fast, escalating and astonishing. But this economic evolution was different to anything "Old Europe" has ever seen.
Two of these economies are the foundation of this work: Japan and Taiwan. This study will theoretically and empirically identify, analyze and explain differences between Taiwanese and Japanese management accounting and controlling. Major focus and emphasis lies on the empirical study, the reality.


Born in Munich, Germany, on September 29, 1979, Bjoern Ruehrnoessl studied international business and economics at Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck and University of Technology of Sydney. In the course of his studying and professional work he travelled through Asia for many times and there he has written "Management Accounting & Controlling"
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