Special Edition Using Groove 2.0

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Juli 2002



This book is the one-and-only guide to begin envisioning and developing true peer-to-peer applications using the Groove framework.


I. INTRODUCTION TO GROOVE. 1. What is Groove. 2. Installation and Configuration of Groove. 3. Groove Client Interface. II. THE TOOLS TO COLLABORATE. 4. Overview of Shared Spaces. 5. Groove Tools. III. DEPLOYMENT AND MANAGEMENT WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION. 6. Groove Enterprise Network Services. 7. Security Within Groove. IV. Advanced Development Within Groove. 8. The Groove SDK. 9. Creating a Tool. 10. Publishing Tools. Appendices.


Bill Pitzer is an IT professional who currently works in Cincinnati, Ohio. His background includes certification in both networking (MCSE+I) and development (MCSD). Considered a subject matter expert in collaborative technology, he spends much of his time educating others on how to improve communication within their organization. His 10+ years experience in Information Technology and an MBA from Xavier University gives him a background in business that makes him comfortable talking not only about the technical aspects, but also the strategic aspects of technology. Bill is also a regular contributor to serveral different periodicals inclusing WebTechniques and Microsoft Web Builder.
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