Deporting Our Souls: Values, Morality, and Immigration Policy

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Oktober 2006



This book discusses the major immigration policy areas.


Introduction: hysteria and shame; 1. Illegal immigration: give them a parade; 2. Deporting our souls; 3. Promoting family values and immigration; 4. Misusing immigration policies in the name of homeland security; 5. A welcome wagon for new Americans; Epilogue: a policy of humanity.


Bill Ong Hing is Professor of Law and Asian American Studies and the director of law clinical programs at the University of California, Davis. He has litigated before the US Supreme Court and was co-counsel in the precedent-setting case INS v. Cardoza-Fonseca (1986), which established a more generous standard for asylum seekers. He is the author of many books on immigration including Defining America through Immigration Policy and To Be an American: Cultural Pluralism and the Rhetoric of Assimilation.


'I ... agree with Professor Hing's call for reaching out to newcomers for greater civic and economic participation. When immigrants do well, we all do well. To do so is to set a path, a way forward for the nation as a whole to a new prosperity and greater opportunity for all. It's a vision of the country we can become an America that embraces the values and aspirations of our people now and for coming generations.' Edward Kennedy, From the Foreword by Senator 'This book is a poignant reminder that the immigration debate has an enormous impact on the soul of America. Hing provides badly needed insight and thoughtful analysis to a difficult debate.' Cecilia Munoz, Vice-President for Policy at the National Council of La Raza. 'This book provides an important perspective, Hing reminds us, through the lens of both history and the stories of real families today, that what is at stake in the current immigration debates are the most fundamental values that have shaped us as a nation.' Karen K. Narasaki, President of the Asian American Justice Center 'Bill Hing has been on the front lines of the red-hot immigration debate for years. He brings the perspective of someone with intimate knowledge of the law, of the immigrants, and of the policy and political debate that surround both. But he steers clear of engaging the topic with the arid cost-benefit analysis of the economist, or the technical hair-splitting of the lawyer, or the calculated cynicism of the policy maker. Instead, he brings an informed and inspired moral clarity to the debate, one that is driven by named human beings seeking a better life in a nation struggling to transcend its antagonism towards newcomers so that we can live up to its finest ideals and best traditions. This book is filled with heart and soul, two qualities badly needed in current debate.' Frank Sharry, Executive Director, National Immigration Forum 'Only Bill Hing - our nation's leading thinker about immigration policy and very best immigration lawyer - could have written this astonishingly knowledgeable, refreshingly trustworthy, and deeply wise book. Deporting our Souls guides us through our uneven immigration history, our contradictory behavior toward immigrants, our available slate of morally forceful and practically sensible approaches to current realities. While dealing directly with arguments about the economic, cultural, and social consequences of immigration, Hing challenges us to see through hysterical and misleading debate and to recognize the wisdom already to be found in how some neighborhoods, small towns, and metropolitan areas have embraced immigrants as part of our national community. Choosing the trajectory Hing endorses would be an honorable achievement - especially for the most powerful country on earth.' Gerald P. Lopez, Professor of Clinical Law, New York University Law School 'I think that Hing is ethically on the mark in this informative book.' Michael J. Kerlin, Catholic Weekly '... the logic of the author's moral argument is clear enough to motivate a serious re-examination of the current direction of American immigration reform.' Journal of American Ethnic History
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