Celebration of Fools: An Inside Look at the Rise and Fall of JC Penney

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Mai 2004



Celebration of Fools is an insider's look at the rise and fall of Penney's remarkable history, charting the people and events behind this American institutionAs entertaining as it is instructive, the book is a cautionary tale with universal implications for all of corporate America. Packed with compelling characters including the heroine, the highest-ranking woman at the company, the book takes readers through a number of settings, from the company's humble mid-western roots to the excesses of lush corporate headquarters.Filled with valuable business lessons as well as astonishing revelations about an American icon, this is a book that will keep readers enthralled from first page till last.


"JCPenney Home Office
Part I The Founder
1 America's Famous Old Man
2 Kemmerer
3 Bumpkins in the Big Apple
4 All Their Managers Are Like Masons
5 The Bailout
Part II The Visionary
6 Socratic Method
7 Their Own Thing
8 Batten's Ascent
9 The Common Touch
10 A Quiet Man
11 The Memo
12 The Transaction Recorder
13 Last of the Good Men
Part III The Betrayer
14 New Blood
15 Bill Howell
16 The Taj MaHowell
17 The Designer
Photo Section
18 Showtime
19 The Golden Crescent
20 Onward and Upward
21 The Speech
22 Where Have All the Core Values Gone?
23 What If I Talk to W.R.?
Part IV The End
24 Jimmy-O the Farmer
25 There's Nothing There
26 Standing in His Underwear
27 The Funeral and HCSC


Bill Hare (City, ST) has won numerous awards in advertising, and for 15 years worked as a speechwriter for senior executive in Fortune 500 companies, including two CEOS at JCPenney.


"Cecil Johnson, syndicated columnist: ""A riveting narrative history focusing on the people who created the company, made it great and were involved in its decline."" Executive Insider ( e-newsletter): ""A gripping, exciting and alarming business thriller where the reader knows or at least suspects the ending, but nevertheless finds the journey fascinating.While the book has the energy and drive of a good summer beach read, it delivers a compelling argument that an executive who reinvents himself after he reaches the top rung may have just manufactured a fool."" George Anderson, Moderator, ""Celebration of Fools tells a story about the power of committing to a vision that all in retail or any other business should aspire."""
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