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August 2002



Renowned Sydney-based restaurateur Bill Granger presents a recipe collection to cater for all occasions, from a relaxed family brunch, to dinner with friends. Every recipe is illustrated with a colour photograph.


Bill Granger is a self-taught cook whose easygoing and joyful approach to cooking is an essential element in his enduring popularity. Born in Melbourne into a family of butchers and bakers, Bill moved to Sydney when he was nineteen. As an art student with a passion for food, he worked part-time as a waiter and gradually his focus shifted from the easel to the kitchen. In 1993, at just 22 years old, he opened the original bills in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst, followed by another in Surry Hills in 1996 and then Woollahra in 2005. All have become firm favourites with both locals and tourists alike. Bill opened his first international bills in Shichirigahama, Kamakura in March 2008. He then launched in Yokohama's Red Brick Warehouse in March 2010 and in July 2011 he brought his laid back dining concept to Odaiba, Tokyo. Bill's first London restaurant, Granger & Co, opened in Notting Hill in November 2011. Bill's cookbooks include bills Sydney food, bills food, bills open kitchen, simply bill, Every Day, Holiday, Feed Me Now, Bill's Basics and Bill's Everyday Asian. They are all international best sellers having sold in excess of one million copies and have been translated into several languages. Bill also works regularly with gourmet food magazines including the Netherlands' and Australia's delicious., South Africa's Taste and the UK's Waitrose Kitchen; as well as being the food contributor to the UK's The New Review in The Independent. Bill's popular television series bills food, Bill's Holiday and, most recently, Bill's Tasty Weekends have been viewed in 30 countries worldwide.
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