The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Mixers, Signal Processors, Microphones, and More

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Derived from the well-known, bestselling series, "The AudioPro Home Recording Course Volumes One-Three," this is the first out of a series of six books and specifically covers audio recording tools of the trade. Up-to-date and comprehensive, this book details the use of all of the tools of the professional recording environment including mixers, signal processing equipment, microphone technology, various audio interfaces and their proper setup and operation. Part of the SMART Guide series, this book is written in a style that is direct and accessible to those with no previous experience, but to more experienced professionals as well. This combination of easy-to-understand explanations of concepts that readers need to know to make excellent recordings and a DVD that aurally and visually illustrates the concepts contained in the text makes this a unique and valuable learning experience for anyone in this field.


1. Sound Theory 2. Interconnect Basics 3. The Mixer 4. Signal Path 5. Microphones 6. Dynamics Processors 7. Effects Processors
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