100 Years of Permanent Revolution

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Leading Marxist thinkers re-evaluate Trotsky's key theories -- an ideal introduction for students.


1. Permanent Revolution: Results and Prospects 100 Years On, Hugo Radice and Bill Dunn 2. From Uneven to Combined Development, Neil Davidson 3. The Marxism of Results and Prospects, Michael Lowy 4. Trotsky, 1905, and the anticipation of the Concept of Decline, Hillel Ticktin 5. Results and Prospects: Trotsky and his Critics, Paul Blackledge 6. The Baggage of Exodus, Daniel Bensaid 7. Beyond Trotsky: Extending Combined and Uneven Development, Colin Barker 8. From World Market to World Economy, Sam Ashman 9. Trotsky, Social Science, and Irish Revolution, Michael Hanagan 10. Uneven and Combined Development and 'Revolution of Backwardness': The Iranian Constitutional Revolution: 1906 - 1911, Kamran Matin 11. A Veteran of the Epoch of Revolution Looks Forward: Trotsky, Serge and the Soviets, Suzi Weissman 12. Trotsky's Omission: Labour's Role in Combined and Uneven Development, Andrew Herod 13. Combined and Uneven Development as a Strategic Concept, Bill Dunn 14. The Geography of Uneven Development, Neil Smith 15. The Reinvention of Populism: Islamist Responses to Capitalist Development in the Contemporary Maghreb, Alejandro Colas 16. China: Unevenness, Combination, Revolution? Neil Davidson 17. Explaining uneven and combined development in South Africa, Patrick Bond and Ashwin Desai Index
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