Bill Bryson African Diary

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Dezember 2002



In September of this year Bill Bryson is due to travel to Kenya at the invitation of the charity CARE which is dedicated to ending world poverty. Alongside the country's treasures and charms Bryson will visit its refugee camps and slums and this book will be a diary of his journey. 8pp illus. ALL AUTHOR ROYALTIES AND PUBLISHER PROFITS WILL GO TO CARE INTERNATIONAL UK.


Bill Bryson is much loved for his bestselling travel books, from The Lost Continent to Down Under, but Notes from a Small Island has earned a particularly special place in the nation's heart (a national poll for World Book Day in 2003 voted it the book that best represents Britain). His acclaimed A Short History of Nearly Everything won the Aventis Prize for Science Books and the Descartes Science Communication Prize. He has now returned to live in the UK with his wife and family.
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