Issues in Setting Standards: Establishing Standards

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The contributions in this book highlight a topical common educational theme - the model of outcomes-orientated standards in education. The authors share their experience and knowledge on the global preoccupation with quality control models that deal


Part 1 International Issues: Comparing Performance Standards in Education John Townshend; Assessment Styles in the Home Counties Wynne Harlen; Ensuring Comparability of Standards in the International Baccalaureate Ian Walker; Humanities Education Requires Humanistic Assessment Kari Smith; Comparison Without Compatibility Keith Drake. Part 2 National Issues: Comparing Standards of Examining Groups in the UK Ben Jones and Peter Ratcliffe; Standard-setting Methods for Multiple Levels of Competence Dylan Williams; Seeing the Wood through the Trees Colin Robinson; Firsts among Equals: The Case of the British University Degrees Roger Murphy. Part 3 Test Issues: Comparabilities between Key Stage 3 and GCOSER National Testing Tom Christie; The Relationship of Tests and Teacher Assessment in the Assessment of English at Key Stage 3 Annabel Charles and Andrew Watts; Tests, Curriculum and Classroom Practice in Primary Science: Establishing Standards Terry Russell; Mark Schemes and Levels of Thinking in Primary Geography Peter Davies.
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