Offshoring IT

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Juli 2004



* Offers a Well-Rounded Discussion Based on Opposing Views.

* Discusses the Obstacles that Confront Offshore Employers, such as the foreign nation's:

* Infrastructure (availability of electricity, transportation, water, food, etc).

* Political stability.

* Distance from the U.S.

* Mortality rate.

* Health care.

* Presents an Exhaustive Survey of Companies Going Offshore.

* Offers a Realistic Look at Potential Endgame Scenarios.


  1. Setting the Stage
  2. Measuring the Trend
  3. The Offshoring Obstacle Course
  4. Arguments in Favor of Offshoring
  5. Arguments Against Offshoring


Reverend Blunden began his journey into the software industry when he discovered the DOS debug utility in 1983. Ten years later, Reverend Blunden found himself implementing actuarial tools at an insurance exchange in Cleveland. Along the way, he received an undergraduate degree in Physics from Cornell University and a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from Case Western Reserve. During the subsequent ten-year period, Reverend Bill traveled around the United States, performing R&D for a middleware vendor and working with embedded security devices. Reverend Blunden has authored a number of books on system level software, including
Message Passing System Internals. He has a BA in physics from Cornell and a graduate degree in operations research from Case Western Reserve. He is currently at large in the bay area.
Reverend Blunden is the author of Virtual Machine Design and Implementation in C/C++, Memory Management: Algorithms and Implementation in C/C++, Software Exorcism, and Cube Farms.

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