Cube Farm

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August 2004



* Entertainment value (broader market than pure technical). * Provides "lessons learned" section at end of each chapter.
* Offers instruction in corporate self-defense.
* Explains business software in simple terms. * Allows reader to peek behind the curtain.


  1. The Ivy League Advantage
  2. Blazing a Trail to Minnesota
  3. First Impressions
  4. The Illuminati
  5. Vanishing Act
  6. The King's New Clothes
  7. The Great Escape
  8. It's the Nature of the Beast
  9. A Fixed Fight
  10. The Y2K Time Bomb!


Reverend Blunden began his journey into the software industry when he discovered the DOS debug utility in 1983. Ten years later, Reverend Blunden found himself implementing actuarial tools at an insurance exchange in Cleveland. Along the way, he received an undergraduate degree in Physics from Cornell University and a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from Case Western Reserve. During the subsequent ten-year period, Reverend Bill traveled around the United States, performing R&D for a middleware vendor and working with embedded security devices. Reverend Blunden has authored a number of books on system level software, including Message Passing System Internals. He is currently at large in the bay area.
Reverend Blunden is the author of Software Exorcism (Apress, 2003, 234-4), and the forthcoming Offshoring IT: What Can Go Wrong and Why (Apress, 2004).

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