Institution Village Linkage Programme: An overview

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Dezember 2011



Institute village linkage programme (IVLP) has been conceptualized differently from other extension projects to solve farmer's problems in a participatory mode. The bio-physical and socio-economic constraints, priorities and preferences of interventions are identified critically before launching the programme through agro ecosystem analysis. Strategies for assessment, refinement and dissemination of improved technologies are taken into account accordingly and experimented at farmer's fields in the form of on farm trials and verification trails. Farmer's resources and their traditional technologies are also considered and valued while the project is undertaken to improve village situation. The professionals and stakeholders work jointly together for problem solving and decision making processes. In view of farmer's perspective and target group, the project is designed and planned by stakeholders. The service providers act as facilitators and the stakeholders as actors while preparing the project in participatory mode. Faster growth and development of technologies have increased complexities in the field of agricultural development. Now the technological


The author was born on 05-10-1973.Completed his BS.c(Ag)from C.C.S Universiy Meerut U.P,P.G & doctorate from AAI- DU Allahabad. Author has qualified the NET from ASRB New Delhi and has worked as SRF at SKUAST-K Shalimar. Author has more than two years teaching experince at U.G and P.G level and is prsently working in Deptt. of Agriculture J&K India
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Untertitel: An Impact Analysis of Technolgy Assessment and Refinement through Institution Village Linkage Programme. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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