Outsourcing of R&d in the Pharmaceutical Industry: From Conceptualization to Implementation of the Strategic Sourcing Process

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September 2004



This book examines the strategic aspects of outsourcing in relation to the firm. It provides a holistic view of the outsourcing process, starting with conceptualisation, through to implementation and management of the process. Although the book is based on a case study of the pharmaceutical industry, the general principles derived from the Strategic Sourcing Model are generic in nature and the model can be applied to instances of outsourcing in other industries.


Introduction An Overview of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry Competition in the Pharmaceutical Industry Strategies for Innovation and Competitive Advantage The Core Competency Framework and Approaches to R&D Outsourcing Pharmaceutical Product Development Guide to Strategic Outsourcing and Partnership Management Conclusions


BIANCA PIACHAUD is an independent writer and analyst for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Her main research interests include outsourcing strategy, technology management issues, and inter-firm collaboration. She has published in a number of international academic journals, and is subject of biographical record in the Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering 7th Edition (2003) in recognition of her research publications made to date.
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