Family Burden and Social Support

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Februar 2015



This book 'Family Burden and Social Support - Mothers of children with Hearing Impairment' is a collection of details regarding various Psychological stress and burden of mothers who are taking care of their children with Hearing impairment. This research has carried out in various rehabilitation centers at Hyderabad named Sweekaar Rehabilitation Institute for Handicapped and National Institute for Mentally Handicapped, and Tagore Hariprasad Rehabilitation Center, during the period of 2010 - 2011. Book includes five chapters with references; it explains various psycho-social problems of mothers of children with hearing impairment in detail. It was comparative experimental design with control group of mothers of normal children. The mothers of children with hearing impaired are experiencing more burden than normal children but no difference found on social support.


Shalini Bhutoria: B.A. Psychology from St. Francis college,Hyderabad.Post Graduation Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology from Sweekaar Rehabilitation Institute for Handicapped (2010-2011), Working as a Teacher at Brain Waves Academy, Bangalore.
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