Detection Of Lung Cancer With Breath Gas

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Februar 2015



The incidence of lung cancer continues to increase. From patients diagnosed today with lung cancer, only 14% will survive five years later. However, if lung cancer is detected early, the five-year survival can rise from 1% for stage IV to 67% for stage IA. For this reason, several methods are investigated for an early detection of the disease, to thereby increase the chances of survival. The analytical and statistical approaches described here clearly provide a powerful means of selecting diagnostically significant compounds in expired breath. Applying these procedures to a larger sample population should help confirm, refute, or expand the significance of the compounds identified in this preliminary study and establish diagnostic criteria for general use. The classification function finally developed could then be used in a dedicated analytical system to classify unknown samples rapidly and reliably. The results suggest, however, that the measurement of a discrete number of compounds may be sufficient for identifying persons with lung inflammation.


Dr. Bhushan Thekedar completed his PhD studies in Physics at Technical University of Munich, Germany. His research work was related to early diagnostics of lung cancer with analytical method using an non-invasive approach such as breath gas. He have Master¿s and Bacherlor¿s degree in Chemical Engineering. He is working at Merck KGaA.
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