Rethinking Multiculturalism

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November 2005



This important and much acclaimed book rapidly became a classic on first publication. In it, Bhikhu Parekh shows that the Western tradition of political philosophy has very limited theoretical resources to cope with cultural diversity. He then discusses how it can be revised and what new conceptual tools are needed. The core of the book addresses the important theoretical questions raised by contemporary multicultural society, especially the nature and limits of intercultural equality and fairness, national identity, citizenship, and cross-cultural political discourse. The new second edition includes a substantial additional chapter addressing key issues.


Acknowledgements.- Introduction.- Moral Monism.- Forms of Pluralism.- Contemporary Liberal Responses to Diversity.- Conceptualising Culture.- Reconstituting the Modern State.- The Political Structure of Multicultural Society.- Equality in a Multicultural Society.- Logic of Intercultural Evaluation.- Politics, Religion and Free Speech.- Conclusion.- A Response to My Critics.- Bibliography.


Bhikhu Parekh


Reviews of 1st edition:
'[An] excellent book...admirable and enlightening and continuously insightful...' - Charles Taylor, Ethnicities
'The present book is a thoughtful and serious investigation into the timely problem of practical living in a multicultural society.' - Meghnad Desai, Times Higher Education Supplement
'[B]rilliantly argued, rigorous, acute in its theoretical insights and persuasive in its practical suggestions...Rethinking Multiculturalism is sophisticated but also accessible; it really does force the most sceptical to 'rethink' a wide range of issues...even Parekh's fiercest critics will not be able to question the quality of the argument. All talk of multiculturalism tends to be fighting talk. Parekh is the heavyweight challenger.' - Stephen Howe, The Independent
'Parekh is fair, thoughtful, fastidious and inventive in his theorizing of multiculturalism, but his viewpoint is rooted in an attempt to understand and convey a non-Western outlook. While his approach is always balanced, his first impulse is to explain and, where defensible, defend viewpoints that Western liberals have traditionally found suspect. It is a strength of this work that Parkh not only develops a brilliantly conceived theory of multiculturalism, but applies that theory meaningfully to thorny policy questions. This is a truly important and original book.' - Benjamin Barber, Rutgers University
'[A] vibrant tour de of those rare seminal works that generate continuous scholarly discussion...generous praise and critiques.' - Ephraim Nimmi, Nations and Nationalism
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