The Muslim Brotherhood

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Regarded by some as a force of moderation among Islamists, and by others as a façade hiding a terrorist fundamentalist threat, the potential influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on Middle Eastern politics remains ambiguous. The Muslim Brotherhood: The Arab Spring and its Future Face provides an essential insight into the organisation, with chapters devoted to specific cases where the Brotherhood has important impacts on society, the state and politics. Key themes associated with the Brotherhood are assessed to reveal an evolutionary trend within the movement since its founding in Egypt in 1928 to its manifestation as the largest Sunni Islamist movement in the Middle East in the 21st century. The book addresses the possible future of the Muslim Brotherhood; whether it can surprise sceptics and effectively accommodate democracy and secular trends, and how its ascension to power through the ballot box might influence Western policy debates on their engagement with this manifestation of political Islam.


1 Introduction 2 Roots and Ideas 3 Egypt: Phoenix 4 Palestine: Hamas and the link in the Chain 5 Jordan: Hashemites and the Brethren 6 Tunisia: Renaissance 7 Yemen 8 Transnational Surge Epilogue


Beverley Milton-Edwards is Professor of Politics at Queen's University Belfast
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