Social Work Practice with Children and Families

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Carefully researched and highly readable, this textbook explores what enables good and effective practice in local authority field social work delivered to children, young people and their families.
The book sets the context for local authority social work practice and then chapter-by-chapter takes the reader carefully through the social work process. Detailed case studies work really well in embedding the legal and theoretical context firmly within the practice challenges of safeguarding children. Overall the book is about social workers effecting change so that children can continue to live successfully with their families and within their communities.
Key features include:
" Strong links between theory and practice;
" Core themes relevant to training and practice- assessment, decision-making, interprofessional collaboration and reflective practice;
" Accessible and jargon-free, also includes a useful glossary of relevant legislation;
" Learning points and case study exercises in each chapter.
Written in a lively and engaging style, students and newly qualified social workers will find this book provides a helpful introduction to children and families local authority social work as it exists today. It will be invaluable for students taking courses in child and family social work and child protection. The book will also appeal to experienced practitioners who want to explore action research or create the space for reflective practice as part of their continuous professional development. It will help other professionals involved in supporting children develop insight into the practice of social workers.


Setting the Scene
Setting the Scene: The Historical, Policy and Legislative Basis of Local Authority Children and Families Social Work
Social Work in a Local Authority Setting
Working with Children and Their Families
Good Assessments: Preparation and Information-Gathering
Good Assessments: Analysis and Decision-Making
Intervention and Planning
Looking to the Future
Case Study One - Elizabeth and Peter
Case Study Two - Maya and Ajay
Case Study Three - Charlie
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