Blended Learning For Success

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November 2015



In addition to being timely, this book provides you with practical step-by-step guidance in helping you learn and teach for success in the blended learning environment. Whichever learning management system you choose to use (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, Sakai, ATutor, Bodington, Claroline, Magnolia, eCollege, etc.) the strategies in this book would help you make the most of your blended learning experience. You'll be delighted to hear of current research findings in blended learning; tips from massive open online courses (MOOCs); and the challenges and triumphs of operating in a blended environment. Even if this information is not new to you, you'll enjoy hearing it from a different perspective, other than your own. You'll be delighted in being away from the traditional technological perspective. Interspaced shareware graphics serve to improve your learning experience. Each section carries a quotation from a relevant, well respected source that aims to cement ideas for better internalization of information. Now, get set, sit back, and let's be on our way to the clouds to refresh ourselves with a pedagogical perspective on blended learning for success.


Professor McDonald,UTT has served as Visiting Professor to universities across 5 continents.With close to 45 years academic experience she is widely published. A Fulbright & HI Fellow, UNESCO, APA, Canadian Leadership & Endeavour Awardee,her interests include assessment,teaching,learning, PBL, SL,PD, app.stat,,technical & math education.
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