Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Value

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"Human Knowledge" is Bertrand Russell's classic examination of the relation between individual experience and the general body of scientific knowledge. It presents a rigorous examination of the problems of an empiricist epistemology. This paperback edition includes a new introduction by John G. Slater.


"It is the nearest thing to a systematic philosophy written by one who does not believe in systems of philosophy. Its scope is encyclopedic . . . a joy to read."
-Sidney Hook, "The New York Times
"His intelligibility comes of stating things directly as he himself sees them, sharply defined and readily crystallized in the best English philosophical style."
-"Times Literary Supplement
"Of peculiar importance is that it is an exemplar, for the general reader, of Russell's special contribution to human knowledge. In it he applies with his usual lucidity and wit, the methods of inquiry, which he has done so much to develop, to the question of how we come to know whatever we do know about the universe."
-"The Observer
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