Introduction to Computational Biology

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Written with the advanced undergraduate in mind, this book introduces into the field of Bioinformatics. The authors explain the computational and conceptional background to the analysis of large-scale sequence data. Many of the corresponding analysis methods are rooted in evolutionary thinking, which serves as a common thread throughout the book. The focus is on methods of comparative genomics and subjects covered include: alignments, gene finding, phylogeny, and the analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The volume contains exercises, questions & answers to selected problems.


Optimal Pairwise Alignment.- Biological Sequences and the Exact String Matching Problem.- Fast Alignments: Genome Comparisons and Database Searches.- Multiple Sequence Alignment.- Sequence Profiles and Hidden Markov Models.- Gene Prediction.- Phylogeny.- Sequence Variation and Molecular Evolution.- Genes in Populations: Forward in Time.- Genes in Populations: Forward in Time.- Genes in Populations: Backward in Time.- Testing Evolutionary Hypotheses.- Bioinformer CD.- Probability and Statistics.- Molecular Biology Figures and Tables.- Resources.- Answer to Exercises.- References.- Glossary.- Index



From the reviews: "Haubold and Weihe is precisely addressed to this increasingly large circle of people using sequences ... an introduction to the computational aspects of genomics and the interpretation of sequence biological data. ... Each chapter ends with a small section of interesting exercises and accompanying answers ... . These make the book very useful for students in bioinformatics but also for researchers and students in molecular biology, genetics, medicine or at the other end students in computer sciences or mathematics interested in molecular biology." (Andrei Petrescu, Romanian Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 47 (1), 2010)
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