Creating Special Effects for TV and Video

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November 1996



Creating Special Effects for TV and Video is a concise and practical introduction to the techniques used in television production. Now completely updated, this third edition covers a wide range of special effects in a simple and practical form, with clear illustrations and photographs that support the text. Bernard Wilkie now a freelance consultant, director and writer, spent 25 years creating special effects for BBC TV where he became manager of one of the largest and most specialised visual FX units in the world. Each of the following techniques are detailed, giving full descriptions of equipment, procedure and the type of effect obtained. Attention is also given to aspects of safety and the correct procedure for those engaged in dangerous sequences.


CONTENTS: Introduction;Special Effects Design; The Importance of Sound; the Camcorder; Flim cameras; Animation Stand Camerawork; Stop-frame animation; the Computer; Computerised effects -1; Computerised effects -2; Fifty-Fifty mirrors; Mirrored effects; Periscopes; Polysterene fabrication and modelling; Plastic forming machines; Plaster of Paris; Plaster turning; Mould making; Flexible moulds; Latex casting; Glass fibre layups and casting; resin; Matte and Glass shots; Models and miniatures; Action miniatures; Hanging miniatures; Hanging miniatures - Applications 1; hanging Miniatures Applications - 2: Model Landscapes; Model ships; Model seas; Scenic projection; Chroma key: Colour Separation; Overlat; Optical printing; Underwater sequences; Water in the studio; Dry-ice generators; Radar and oscilloscopes; Laboratory and chemical effects; Ray guns and blasters; Robots and monsters; Firing boxes and exploders; Pyrotechnics; Pyrotechnics in the studio; Pyrotechnics in the open; safe studio explosions; Pyrofuses and bullet hits; Bullet effects in scenery; Bullet effects on vases and bottles; Bullet effects in galss and mirrors; Bullet effects on people; Bullet effects using compressed air; Safety precautions; Arrows; Knives; Swords and daggers; Prosthetics; Breaking windows; breaking bottles, crockery and chairs; Breaking and collapsing; Scenery; Lava, quicksand and swamps; Gunge and custard pies; Dirt and decay; Cobwebs; Wind and blizzards; Frost and ice; Snow; Fog and mist; Rain in the studio; Rain in the open; radio control; Remote control; Destruction of automobiles; Automobile crashes; Special lighting devices; projected light effects; Some special plants; Modifying equipment; Photographs on the screen; Sparks and flashes; Scoring devices; Personal equipment.


Reviews of current edition: "A concise and practical introduction... I would recommend this book for all people interested in this fascinating technical aspect of television production." Television Magazine " The text is practical with easy to follow illustrations and diagrams ... it has truly become a compact special effects handbook." Image Technology
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