Political Dictionary of Israel

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Few countries of its size have attracted more attention, and aroused more controversy, than Israel. It is a country beset by conflict in its region and faced with the need to integrate immigrants and to weld individuals of disparate backgrounds and ethnicity into a modern and advanced state. And, although small in size and population, it has played a significant role in international relations. This companion book to the Historical Dictionary of Israel provides, in a single source, a comprehensive and up-to-date reference volume with detailed information about every aspect of the political life of contemporary Israel, as well as serving as a guide to the complexities and nuances of contemporary Israeli politics. It fills a gap in the literature by providing comprehensive information about the various diplomatic and political personalities, institutions, organizations, events, concepts, and documents that together define the political life of the Jewish state. The Political Dictionary of Israel will provide both students and scholars with extensive information and serve as a starting point for further research on the topic through its detailed bibliographical references.


Bernard Reich is Professor of Political Science and International Affairs and former Chairman of the Department of Political Science at George Washington University. He serves as a consultant to various United States government agencies. David H. Goldberg is Director of Research and Education for the Canada-Israel Committee, in Toronto.


The scope is comprehensive and the entries are thorough...This is a very useful reference volume on a subject that will always be in the forefront of the news and is recommended for all libraries. American Reference Books Annual A valuable resource for scholars and students..concise overview of Israeli government and politics, society, economy, history, and relations with members of the international community. Middle East Journal ...a very helpful reference tool on Israeli politics. Religious Studies Review Diligently researched and usefully organized, this volume is an outstanding ready-reference source. Highly recommended for public and academic libraries. Booklist, 12/15/2000 This excellent dictionary nicely supplements its companion, Reich's Historical Dictionary of Israel (CH, Apr'93). Academic collections. CHOICE
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