Bela Bartok: A Celebration

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November 2003



This compilation of essays, lectures, and scholarly papers on Bart k studies from 1953 to the present includes insights obtained by the author over a half-century career as a Bart k specialist.Divided into three parts, chapters examine Bart k as a multifaceted music figure: composer, folklorist, pianist, and teacher. As composer, it includes program notes, an introduction to his principles of composition, and theoretic-analytical discussion of selected works, including Mikrokosmos. As folklorist, it examines the outcome of Bart k's fieldwork, methodology, and findings in East European, Arabic, and Turkist autochthonous folk music materials. Bart k's American years are also discussed. The narrative is supported by a substantial number of musical examples and references.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Abbreviations Part 4 PART ONE Compositions Chapter 5 1. Bela Bartok: A Celebration Chapter 6 2. Bartok's Fusion of National Styles Chapter 7 3. Second String Quartet: Stylistic Landmark Chapter 8 4. Impact of Italian Baroque Music on Bartok's Music Chapter 9 5. History of Bartok's Mikrokosmos Chapter 10 6. Sixth String Quartet: Structure and Concept Chapter 11 7. Genesis and Development of the Concerto for Orchestra Chapter 12 8. Some Observations on Bartok's Third Piano Concerto Chapter 13 9. Folk-Music Sources in Bartok Works Chapter 14 10. Ethnomusicological Roots of Bela Bartok's Musical Language Chapter 15 11. Approaching Bartok's Principles of Composition Part 16 PART TWO Musical Folklore Chapter 17 12. Preface to The Hungarian Folk Song Chapter 18 13. Bartok and Hungarian Folk Music Chapter 19 14. Slovak Folk Songs: Music and Politics Chapter 20 15. Bartok's Romanian Folk Music Publication Chapter 21 16. Bartok and Yugoslav Folk Music Chapter 22 17. Preface to Turkish Folk Music from Asia Minor Part 23 PART THREE General Studies Chapter 24 18. Bartok as a Man of Letters Chapter 25 19. The Bartok-Kodaly Connection Chapter 26 20. Bartok in America Chapter 27 21. The New York Bartok Archive: History and Sources Part 28 Index Part 29 About the Author


Benjamin Suchoff is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Los Angeles and a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. He has been successor trustee of the estate of Bela Bartok, curator of its New York Bartok Archive, and editor of the fifteen-volume Bartok Archive Studies in Musicology Series and the two volumes of the Bartok Archive Edition series of piano works.


Emphasis on Bartok's studies in folk song and folklore pervades all three sections, making the volume...valuable to those in ethnomusicology CHOICE
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