Marc Chagall and His Times: A Documentary Narrative

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September 2003



This book presents a new and comprehensive biography of one of the most prominent artists of the twentieth century in dialogue with the events and ideologies of his time. It encompasses the 98 years of Chagall's life (1887-1985), detailing his deep roots in folk culture, his personal relations and loves, his involvement with the art of the Russian Revolution, with Surrealism, Communism, Zionism, Yiddish literature, and the state of Israel. The book reveals Chagall's endless curiosity, his forays in many directions beyond painting and drawing: public art, theater and ballet, stained glass windows in churches and synagogues, lithographs, etchings, and illustrations of literature and the Bible. We observe the intricate relations between Chagall's life and consciousness and the impact of his life on his art. Thus, the book provides an indispensable key to the understanding of Chagall's often enigmatic art.


Benjamin Harshav is Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at Yale University. Among his many books are "The Meaning of Yiddish" (Stanford, 1990) "Language in Time of Revolution" (Stanford, 1993) and "Marc Chagall on Art and Culture" (Stanford, 2003).
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