Photomask Fabrication Technology

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August 2005



Photomasks are defect-free optical templates -- the printing masters for the fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs). When IC feature sizes fall below the exposure tool's source wavelength, photomask fabrication becomes difficult: very strict mask critical dimension (CD) and feature placement specifications, intensive capital equipment investment, unique raw materials and applications, and special expertise requirements for photomask fabrication technologists are necessary to fabricate modern microelectronics. Thus the rapid recent growth of the field and the need for this book.This text details the science and technology of industrial photomask production, including fundamental principles, industrial production flows, technological evolution and development, and state of the art technologies. Focusing on industrial applications rather than pure science, the goal of the book is to provide a comprehensive reference for any engineer developing microelectronic manufacturing processes


<H3>Introduction<H3>Data Preparation and Design<H3>Pattern Generation<H3>Pattern Transfer<H3>Photomask Metrology<H3>Defect Control and Finishing<H3>Inspection, Repair, and Cleaning<H3>Resolution Enhancement Techniques<H3>Water Fabrication Issues<H3>Future Developments<H4>Appendices<H4>References


Benjamin G. Eynon, Jr. (Austin, TX) is currently Director of Advanced Technology Development at Photronics, Inc. He has over 18 years of experience in the semiconductor industry in technology development and manufacturing. He sits on a number of international professional conferences committees, and is a reviewer of peer-reviewed technology journal articles. He holds two US patents and has over 25 professional publications.
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