IPv6 in Practice

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This book is a practical guide to IPv6 addressing Unix and network administrators with experience in TCP/IP(v4) but not necessarily any IPv6 knowledge. It focuses on reliable and efficient operation of IPv6 implementations available today rather than on protocol specifications. Consequently, it covers the essential concepts, using instructive and thoroughly tested examples, on how to configure, administrate, and debug IPv6 setups. These foundations are complemented by discussions of best practices and strategic considerations aimed at overall efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and interoperation.


Getting Started.- A Quick Overview of IPv6.- Preparing for IPv6.- IPv6 Address Basics.- Address Configuration.- IPv6 and the Domain Name System (DNS).- Essential Network Services.- Unicast Routing Basics.- IPv4/IPv6 Interoperation.- Interoperation Concepts.- Application Level Gateways.- Protocol Translation.- Tunnels and Related Topics.- Tunnel Basics.- IP-in-IP Encapsulation.- Other Tunneling Methods.- Advanced Tunneling Issues.- The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).- Additional Base Features.- More on Addresses.- Advanced Routing with Quagga.- Multicasts Beyond the Link-local Scope.- The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv6).- Bridging the DNS Gap.- New Functionalities.- IP Security (IPsec).- Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6).- Quality of Service (QoS).- Architectural and Operational Topics.- Renumbering Procedures.- Multi-homing.



From the reviews:
"The focus of the book is clear: to give the reader step-by-step guidance on the setup of all the major functions surrounding the installation and use of IPv6 on Unix Systems. ... This book is definitely targeted at those who want to learn how to use IPv6. Therefore, not only large network administrators and academics may be interested, but also small office/home office (SOHO) network administrators and enthusiastic techies. These readers will surely find the solution to their needs inside this convenient and practical book." (Damien Magoni, ACM Computing Reviews, Vol. 49 (5), 2008)
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