Theology and the Drama of History

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A new theological approach to the question of God's role in history.


Introduction; 1. Dramatizing theology; 2. Freedom and indifference; 3. Epic history and the question of tragedy; 4. Eschatology and the existential register; 5. Analogy's unaccountable scaffolding; 6. Theodramatics, history and the holy spirit; Postscript.


Ben Quash is Dean and Fellow of Peterhouse and lectures at the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge. He is also Convenor of the Cambridge Interfaith Programme.


Reviews of the hardback: 'This book is, throughout, an invigorating and challenging read.' Church Times '... scholars interested in the relationships between nature, grace and history, will find this work very stimulating and illuminating. It is also beautifully written, it contains valuable bibliographical references, and it is not scared to be interdisciplinary.' International Journal of Systematic Theology 'There is much to praise in this book, not least of which is its articulate insistence that Christian theologians (and, I would add, philosophers) need to be far more modest in their claims to have discerned God's presence and plans amid history's turbulent flow. Quash succeeds, sometimes brilliantly, in exposing some of the epic meanderings in von Balthasar's vast corpus.' Scottish Journal of Theology
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