Robust and H_ Control

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H-infinity control theory deals with the minimization of the H-norm of the transfer matrix from an exogenous disturbance to a pertinent controlled output of a given plant. This comprehensive book examines both the theoretical and practical aspects of H-infinity control from the angle of the structural properties of linear systems.


1 Introduction.- 2 Linear System Tools.- 3 Structural Mappings of Bilinear Transformations.- 4 Existence Conditions of H? Suboptimal Controllers.- 5 Solutions to Discrete-time Riccati Equations.- 6 Infima in Continuous-time H? Optimization.- 7 Solutions to Continuous-time H? Problem.- 8 Continuous-time H? Almost Disturbance Decoupling.- 9 Robust and Perfect Tracking of Continuous-time Systems.- 10 Infima in Discrete-time H? Optimization.- 11 Solutions to Discr,te-time H? Problem.- 12 Discrete-time H? Almost Disturbance Decoupling.- 13 Robust and Perfect Tracking of Discrete-time Systems.- 14 Design of a Hard Disk Drive Servo System.- 15 Design of a Piezoelectric Actuator System.- 16 Design of a Gyro-stabilized Mirror Targeting System.


Associate Professor Chen's research interests are in linear systems, robust control theory and control applications. He has published 7 monographs. He has served as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, and Asian Journal of Control. Currently, he is serving as an Associate Editor of Systems and Control Letters, and Control and Intelligent Systems. Before returning to Singapore, Professor Chen worked in the US (New York and Washington State Universites) and in Australia. He lectures on several courses, both undergraduate and graduate.


We summarize that this book is an excellent research reference for insights and proofs pertaining to the geometric approach in H-infinity control. The careful and detailed exposition illustrates the far-reaching potentials of these techniques for a variety of other control problems beyond H-infinity theory. Throughout the book the author chooses an algorithmic style of presenting the sometimes rather intricate constructions in favor of their numerical implementation. Moreover, by splitting the subjects into suboptimality tests, computation of optimal values, controller construction, and almost disturbance decoupling, he renders all these themes accessible for independent investigation... We therefore believe that this book closes a gap in the literature by providing a thorough basis for entering the rich field of applying geometric techniques in H-infinity control.
Automatica 36 (2000) 1247 - 1248 (Reviewer: Carsten Scherer)
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