Kant on the Human Standpoint

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Kant's philosophy considered under one unifying standpoint: his conception of our capacity to form judgements.


Introduction; Part I. Discussions: 1. Kant's categories and capacity to judge; 2. Synthetics, logical forms, and the objects of our ordinary experience; 3. Synthetics and givenness; Part II. The Human Standpoint in Kant's Transcendental Analytic: 4. Kant on a priori concepts: the metaphysical deduction of the categories; 5. Kant's deconstruction of the principle of sufficient reason; 6. Kant on causality: what was he trying to prove?; 7. Kant's standpoint on the whole: disjunctive judgement, community, and the Third Analogy of Experience; Part III. The Human Standpoint in the Critical System: 8. The transcendental ideal, and the unity of the critical system; 9. Moral judgement as a judgement of reason; 10. Kant's leading thread in the analytic of the beautiful.


Beatrice Longuenesse is Professor of Philosophy at New York University. Her numerous publications include Kant and the Capacity to Judge (1998).


"...a significant contribution to the project of exploring Kant's holistic and anti-foundationalist epistemology on the basis of a detailed textual analysis, a timely project undoubtedly inspired by the pioneering views of Michael Friedman." --Aaron Fellbaum, University of Graz: Philosophy in Review
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