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aeo Single authored dictionary providing comprehensive and coherent definitions. aeo Written by a senior political scientist who has teaching experience. aeo In addition to key terms, the dictionary includes biographies of the most important writers in the discipline.


Preface. Dictionary Entries A--Z. Biographical Sketches: A Related Political Science Whoa s Who. Index.


Frank Bealey is a retired Professor of Politics. He was previously Professor of Politics at the University of Aberdeen and has also held positions at the University of Keele and University of Manchester. His previous publications include Constituency Politics (1965), The Social and Political Thought of the British Labour Party (1970), The Politics of Independence (1981) and Democracy in the Contemporary State (1988).


" This scholarly work defines 1,000 words and phrases in political science. The entries are lengthy for a dictionary, averaging half a page. An interesting feature id the subject index, which indentifies all pages where particular terms are used." K. F. Muther, California State University, Sacramento "This handy reference book provides a clear and lively introduction to terminology that is common to several social science classes at the Secondary Level ... The layout is very effective and allows easy access to the short definitions." Saskatchewan Education
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