Standing Trial: Law and the Person in the Modern Middle East

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Oktober 2004



This work focuses on the relationship between the law and the concept of the person in modern Arab societies. It directly addresses the questions of continuities, transformations and ruptures of such notions. Law performs a central function in revealing social and historical dynamics and in being itself a tool of its implementation. The introduction of Western-style legal systems partially led to a transposition of characteristics of centrality, individualism and secularism. "Standing Trial" is the first truly interdisciplinary study of its subject, combining legal, historical and socio-legal perspectives.


Baudouin Dupret has lived in the Arab world for many years and is a Tenured Research Fellow at the CNRS, Paris.


"Absolutely fascinating...the book stands to make a considerable contribution to 'mainstreaming studies' on and information about Arab law and its legal system". -Lynn Welchman, School of Oriental and African Studies Dialogue Journal: "first interdisciplinary study of its subject." "a considerable addition...will be of use both to students and academics alike in an often overlooked yet appealing area of scholarship."
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