The Greatest Album Covers of All Time

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November 2008



Each of the 500 memorable album covers featured in this collection is accompanied by commentary on the cover's art, style, and cultural significance.


Miles has written several seminal books on the Beat generations, including biographies of Ginsberg, Burroughs and Kerouac, and in October 2002 published his memoirs of the decade titled In The Sixties (Jonathan Cape). He is the author of the best selling Hippie (Cassell Illustrated, 2003). Grant Scott has art directed several leading magazines, including Tatler and English Elle, and has worked with photographers such as William Klein, Jean Loup Sieff, David Bailey and Don McCullin. Choosing to move behind the camera lens, Scott was winner of the John Kobal Portrait Awards 2000 and has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.
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