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Presenting a social history of British crime film, this book focuses on the strategies used in order to address more radical notions surrounding class, politics, sex, delinquency, violence and censorship. Spanning post-war crime cinema to present-day "Mockney" productions, it contextualizes the films and identifies important and neglected works.


A Social History of the Crime Film The Age of Austerity: Post-war Crime Movies Class and Crime: Social Divisions Between Left and Right: Politics and Individuals Heritage Britain Shame of a Nation: Juvenile Delinquents and Exploitation The New Violence: The Loss of Innocence Scourging the Unacceptable: Censorship Battles Metropolitan Murder: London The Regions Breaking Taboos: Sex and the Crime Film Corporate Crime: Curtains for the Maverick Mockney Menace: The New Wave The Age of Acquisition: New Crime 21st Century Hybrids The Directors: Makers of Key Crime Films APPENDIX 1: The Directors: Makers of Key Crime Films APPENDIX 2: TV Crime APPENDIX 3: Crime and Espionage APPENDIX 4: Films, TV and Books Index


Barry Forshaw's books include Death in a Cold Climate, British Crime Film, The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction, Italian Cinema, British Crime Writing: An Encyclopaedia , and a biography of Stieg Larsson. He has written for a variety of newspapers, Crime Time, and is a talking head for ITV author profiles and BBC documentaries.


'In this excellent book on the British crime movie, a follow-up to his valuable studies of English-language and Scandinavian crime fiction, Forshaw interrogates the usual suspects, discovers many neglected pictures, and places them all in a larger social context. It's a work to read for pleasure and instruction, and then to keep on the reference shelf.'
- Philip French, The Observer
'Crime fiction in films and literature is my meat. So Barry Forshaw's terrific book not only rekindled memories of films seen but provided clues to others yet to be revelled in. This rave has nothing to do with getting an honourable mention.'
- Mike Hodges, Director, Get Carter
'An incredible work; so thorough, so informed and at the same time so very readable and entertaining.'
- Peter James, Chair, Crime Writers' Association

'This book provides a much-needed shot in the arm for writing on British crime film. The colourful case-studies draw out the political complexities of this stalwart genre, opening up the films in insightful and often revisionary readings. Calling upon his compendious knowledge of the subject and injecting wit into his precise prose, Forshaw reinvigorates the field.'
- Steven Peacock, Reader in Film and Television Aesthetics, Programme Coordinator MA Film and Television Aesthetics, University of Hertfordshire, UK

'Barry Forshaw has penetrated the locked-room mystery of the British crime film and brought it to book ... the verdict is "outstanding".'
- Kim Newman, Author, Nightmare Movies

'Destined to become an essential volume on any self-respecting cinephile's bookshelf. Forshaw is bang-on about the British crime films you already know, but (even more importantly) makes you eager to track down and watch the lesser-known gems you haven't seen.'
- Anne Billson, The Guardian
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