Creating Book Clubs in the English Language Classroom: A Model for Teachers of Adults

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November 2005



Although it is a natural way for students to improve their language skills, a classroom book club can also be challenging for teachers to facilitate. "Creating Book Clubs" lays out a successful three-part model in which students read, discuss, and make Book Log entries that the authors developed in their own multilevel adult ESL classroom. The book explains how book clubs support students' need for extensive reading and high-interest reading. Chapters show how discussion and analysis are sparked by making personal connections, cultural connections, and media connections to book club texts, and by asking questions, making predictions, and drawing inferences. Although C"reating Book Clubs in the English Language Classroom" was written with adult ELL learners in mind, it can be adapted easily to Adult Basic Education (ABE). A list of books and texts that can be used successfully in student book clubs is included in the appendix.


Barbara Vaille and Jennifer Quinn Williams are Co-Directors, Dora Moore Adult ELL Program, Denver (CO).

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