Like a Tree Planted: An Exploration of the Psalms and Parables Through Metaphor

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Adam and Eve weren't concerned about traffic jams as they strolled through the Garden of Eden. The Ten Commandments weren't delivered to Moses by e-mail. So how does the Word, written so long ago, fit into everyday life today? The Connections series offers today's readers and students of Scripture an answer to that puzzling question.Connections builds an understanding of the relationship between the Bible and everyday life by examining the individual pieces and how they fit together. It invites us to broaden our comprehension of the Bible and its applications to modern life by placing current Scripture scholarship within the concerns of other fields, such as ethical problems in light of Scripture, science and Scripture, contemporary social challenges and Scripture, and the Bible in non-biblical cultures.This series reveals more of God's intent, encouraging us to study and reflect on the Word from the life experiences, outlooks, and wisdom of many people.Like a Tree Planted invites reflection on eight pairs of psalms and parables by highlighting their shared metaphor. These images, familiar from our everyday lives as well as from both testaments, encourage fresh insights from familiar scriptural texts.

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