Learning Language and Culture Via Public Internet Discussion Forums

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Public Internet discussion forums offer opportunities for intercultural interaction in many languages on a vast range of topics, but are often overlooked by language educators in favour of purpose-built exchanges between learners. The book investigates this untapped pedagogical potential.


List of Tables and Figures Acknowledgements Note on Quotations From Internet Forums Introduction PART I: CULTURAL DIFFERENCES ONLINE Culture and Online Communication Debate or Conversation? French and British Public Internet Discussion Plus ça change...: Are Online Cultural Differences Fading Over Time? PART II: LANGUAGE LEARNERS AND INTERCULTURAL INTERNET DISCUSSION Public Discussion Forums as a Tool for Language Learning A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: Learners' Participation Strategies Face Off: Identity in Online Debate Towards Intercultural Discussion: Getting off on the Right Foot(Ing) Case Study: Using Public Internet Forums to Develop French Argumentation Skills Forums for Learning: Language, Culture and Identity Notes References Internet Forums and Other Websites Cited Index


BARBARA E. HANNA is a Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is particularly interested in teaching French as intercultural communication and has published in the fields of computer mediated communication, intercultural narratives and intercultural communication.   JULIANA de NOOY is a Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Queensland, Australia. She teaches across the fields of French language, intercultural communication, and cultural studies, and her research projects focus on questions of identity and difference as they arise in these disciplines.
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