Effanbee's Dy-Dee

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Known as the "almost-human" doll, Dy-Dee was produced continuously by the Effanbee Doll Company form 1934 through the 1950s, and became one of the most-loved baby dolls for several generations of little girls. One of the earliest "drink-and-wet" dolls, she was available in several sizes. Layettes, clothing patterns, furniture and a multitude of accessories were produced for her. In this comprehensive collector's reference, Barbara Craig Hilliker, author of Bleuette: The Doll and Her wardrobe, traces Dy-Dee's history, providing identification information for the doll as well as for all the materials associated with her. The book includes hundreds of color photographs, including original advertising and publicity materials, guidance for care and restoration and a bonus pattern section. The year 2004 marks the re-introduction of Dy-Dee by the Effanbee Doll Company, which has been documented in step-by-step production photos featured in this book.


Barbara Craig Hilliker

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