QuarkXPress 5 for Dummies

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Pick up the fundamentals necessary to create extraordinary documents with QuarkXPress 5. QuarkXPress 5 For Dummies will get you up to speed and designing quickly with this powerfuldesktop publishing program.


PART 1: Getting Started.
Chapter 1: Introducing QuarkXPress.
Chapter 2: Have It Your Way.
Chapter 3: Boxes and Text Unite!
Chapter 4: A Picture Is Worth.
Chapter 5: Getting Tricky with Boxes.
PART II: Adding Style and Substance.
Chapter 6: You've Got Real Style.
Chapter 7: Working with Special Characters.
Chapter 8: Devil in the Details.
Chapter 9: A Touch of Color.
Chapter 10: Your Survival Guide to XTensions and Required Components.
Chapter 11: Printing to Pages.
PART III: The Picasso Factor.
Chapter 12: Using QuarkXPress as an Illustration Tool.
Chapter 13: Other Controls for Item Management.
Chapter 14: Warped Images.
Chapter 15: Text as Art.
PART IV: Going Long and Linking.
Chapter 16: Building Books.
Chapter 17: Making Lists and Indexes.
PART V: Taking QuarkXPress to the Web.
Chapter 18: Forget What You've Learned Thus Far.
Chapter 19: Web Documents: An Overview.
Chapter 20: Taking Your Pages to the Web.
PART VI: Guru in Training.
Chapter 21: Customizing QuarkXPress.
Chapter 22: Details for Cross-Platform Users.
PART VII: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 23: More Than Ten Shortcuts.
Chapter 24: The Ten Most Common Mistakes.
Chapter 25: The Ten Best Online Resources.


Barbara Assadi is a former Quark editorial services manager who's now a partner at Bay Creative.Galen Gruman is the editor of M-Business magazine. Together, they also cowrote Macworld QuarkXPress 4 Bible.
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