The Livelihoods of Urban Households

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November 2011



Peoples' everyday life experiences show that social ties and networks have important implications for their day to day activities and long term livelihood decisions and outcomes. In cognizant of this fact, recent development theories take this social fabric not only as an asset, but as one of the crucial livelihood assets. Besides, analysis of poverty based on livelihood assets views social capital as one of individuated asset that can be accumulated and destructed. But there is a growing debate about the importance of social capital in urban contexts. The debate arises from the diverse and fluid nature of cities and towns. By this, some argue that urban diversity and fluidity make urban residents to suffer from social disintegration; and others hold that despite diverse nature of cities and towns, people rely on strong social networks and structures. Acknowledging this debate,the book provided a descriptive explanation of the role played by social capital through participation in different groups, networks, trust and reciprocity. It also described the factors that determine social capital and the livelihood outcomes for which social capital is applied.


The author pursued her MA in Urban Development and Urban Challenges at Norwegian University of Science (NTNU) and Addis Ababa University. Currently, she is a lecturer at Arba Minch University.
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